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Alvio™ was designed to help millions of people with respiratory challenges improve their condition, through mobile games controlled by breathing.

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What is Alvio?

An all-in-one breathing trainer, symptom tracker and mobile game controller that helps you get healthier as you play.


Wirelessly Connected

Bluetooth® Smart connection makes using Alvio as simple as “breathe in, breathe out”



Personalized Training

Adjust the resistance level to find the perfect fit to your therapy needs



Take Control

Track symptoms as well as training progress over time, more accurately and closely than ever before



How hard can you exhale?

This fun game actually helps track the severity of asthma symptoms.


How well can you control your breathing?

This game can help you gain better lung control and increased lung capacity.


Just relax!

Follow a slow and steady pace of breathing to gain the most points in this game, and for optimal relaxation.

Game On

Addictive games help you master a range of breathing exercises to boost lung capacity, strength and control.

The Team

Our team has collectively brought dozens of interactive and health products to market, and some of our medical advisors are international experts who wrote the seminal papers on breathing training for asthma.

Bez Arkush

Bez (Bezalel) Arkush

Founder and CEO

Bez is a serial international entrepreneur, created and brought over 20 products to the consumer market.

Jerry Korten

Jerry Korten


Medical device company executive with proven executive leadership skills. Product development management from strategic market through FDA approvals.

Corey Wilson-Wirth

Corey Wilson-Wirth

Business Dev. and Regulation

Corey has eighteen years of experience in bringing medical products to market and managing FDA clearance.


  • Prof. Paltiel Weiner, M.D
    International expert in Respiratory Training
  • Karen Warman, M.D
    Pediatric Respiratory expert, Montefiore/Albert Einstein
  • Lael J. Pickett, RAC
    US and European Regulatory Expert
  • Elad Ben-Meir
    Business Strategy –


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