Take control of

your breathing

Use the Alvio controller to improve your breathing with unique games tailored to you


We designed alvio to help the millions of people suffering from respiratory challenges.

Our mission is to enable improved health and quality of life through better breathing.


Alvio is an all-in-one breathing trainer, symptom tracker and mobile game controller that helps you get healthier as you play.



Personalized Experience

Alvio's smart app provides each user with a personalized training program that adapts to you as you play.

Take Control

Master a range of breathing and relaxation exercises through beautiful and engaging games.

Training & Monitoring

Alvio device features multiple difficulty levels for ongoing improvement and lung strengthening as well as medical grade accurate measurements to help you monitor your progress.


Clinically Tested

Trials show use of alvio increases engagement and consistency of training.  Breathing training is shown to reduce symptoms of shortness of breath and increased lung strength.




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