Alvio Kicks Off Pilot Testing At Montefiore Medical Center

Beginning in early June, we took the exciting step of bringing an Alvio prototype into a busy outpatient clinic at Montefiore Medical Center (MMC) in the Bronx, NYC as a way to gauge user acceptability in the field. Over the coming months, while waiting for their well-child appointments, children are invited to test out the device and provide us with both structured and open-ended feedback. So far, the general response from users has been overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of kids enthusiastically claiming that if they could, they would use the device at home every day! In addition to the standalone development benefits of seeing the interactions between pediatric patients and the device, facilitating this acceptability trial has given us a glimpse of Alvio’s potential in the clinical setting; watching the users’ enthusiasm grow as they shift from game to game foreshadows the inevitable enhanced engagement children will have with providing asthma diagnostic values using Alvio that are critical to managing asthma.

And, the excitement is not only evident in the child’s captivation with Alvio but also in the parent’s astonishment with the innovation of the system. Caregivers were amazed to learn that Alvio would provide them with an absorbing video game for their child that they could feel completely guilt-free in encouraging play but most importantly, that they could use to monitor their child’s severity of disease, as well as strengthen respiratory performance.

Because scientific evidence suggests that Bronx children with asthma have poorer health outcomes than children with asthma in other inner-city areas, we are thrilled to collaborate with Montefiore to introduce our device to a clinical population. Over the next several months, we have the continued privilege of livening up the waiting room at MMC to gather further clinical measures of user experience with Alvio.

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